Who We Are?

Judo history

” Judo is an Olympic sport which was started in 1882 by master Jigoro Kano of Japan. It wad first played in the Olympics Games in 1964 Tokyo Games. Since then, Judo has gained tremendous growth and dynamics in techniques and rules.

Currently, Judo is one of the Olympics cleanest sports. Judo sport involves the use of hands, hip, feet and legs and ground grappling techniques. An opponent uses the power of the opponent to break opponents balance for a throw, and the scoring depends on the landing of the opponent. Currently, Judo is governed by the IJF with its headquarters in Budapest
Hungary, with the current President being Mr. Marius Vizer “


To be sport choice in Uganda.


To be leading sport in Uganda in implementation of discipline
and talent identification.

Our Core Values


Maj. Gen. Elly Kayanja


Capt. Musiitwa H Mulasa


Jasper Aligawesa

Vice President Administration

Masiko John Bosco

General Secretary

Affiliated with:

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